ECO Style O^O I Was Framed!


So I finally stopped by MODO’s flagship frame shop in SoHo and used the eyeglasses coupon for 30% off a pair of Earth Conscious Optics (ECO) Frames that I got at the first Green Drinks NYC event I attended upon moving to the City back in April. They had lots designs from bold and funky to smart and refined (and I didn’t even really look at any of the other MODO lines besides ECO). I spoke to Cynthia for a good little bit and I think she was the same young lady that gave me the coupon at the event. She was really a fun gal and just a wealth of info and, although I’m sure I heard it all the first time we talked, it really sunk in this time. Essentially the ECO frames are handmade using 95% post consumer materials. Now this may not sound all that impressive especially since eyeglasses aren’t exactly hulking pieces of post industrial objects (well I guess some of the sunglasses can seem that way at times) but I digress. What I found impressive is that MODO received Environmental Claims Validation (EVC) status from UL Environmental (ULE) and raised the bar for an entire industry by certifying these new specs for specs (that’s specifications for spectacles, for the pun averse (you know who you are ;o)). This is called leading the industry. Where landscape architects, urban planners and architects have LEED accreditation and certification, frame makers now have the ULE standards that MODO forged. No more green washing your product in this field, either that are up to spec, or not.

Aside from all of this technical mumbo jumbo, MODO plants a tree for every pair of ECO frames sold through the Trees for the Future organization AND when you bring your new glasses home you can put your old frames in the box and send them to MODO to be recycled (truly re:cycled, NOT down-cycled)!

to visions of a bright green future


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