Softscape infrastucture futures

This post is both in reponse to the D-Crit lecture by Christopher Hawthorn I attended last month and further developed into an essay to be submitted as an entry for the online journal [bracket] which inspects,” the intersection of architecture, environment and, now, digital culture” in it’s upcoming issue: [goes soft].

I have talked at length in previous posts about Mr Hawthorn’s analysis of the state of architecture in which he outlined six themes and current trends including: Atmosphere, the Worn, Vacancy, Temporary, Softness and Engagement. This is my linguistic, theoretic, personal and philosophical inspection of the theme of softness in the urban, digital and social context of the day.

During his talk Hawthorn’s thoughts on softness where pretty much summed up by the statement that, “Hard structures and politics are not nimble enough to handle and flow with today’s difficult economic times.” I fully agree. A few slides where show depicting “soft” structures such as a plastic bubble that was used as a lecture space at the oft referenced biennalle (which reminded me of one finalist entry into the recent global Sukkah City competition)

Hard, grey infrastructure

Soft, green infrastructure

Flex spaces (parks=habitat – parking spaces = stormawater infiltration )



Goa 2100: RUrbanism…:+The+Goa+2100+Project&source=bl&ots=n1OZ_6boQX&sig=pstYDQyftNQZd4BqtRgjZZ6MUYo&hl=en&ei=-xXmTICjCsGblgfHp4WjCw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=3&ved=0CCQQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=%22RUrbanism%22%3A%20The%20Goa%202100%20Project&f=false




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