FoodShed – Brooklyn’s indoor farmers market


Here is a quick run through (with video) of the FoodShed in Brooklyn. FoodShed is a Sunday market housed at The Commons Brooklyn, which is a wonderful community space that offers a full slate of classes and lectures during the weekdays about all sorts of living economy, health ecology and vibrant community matters. I have been to a few of the meetings but have yet to post any of the meeting notes or pics on this site. This is definitely something I will do in the future though. I like the name because, while food shed obviously refers to a shed where food is stored/sold from “foodshed” also means, “A foodshed is everything between where a food is produced and where a food is consumed — the land it grows on, the routes it travels, the markets it goes through, the tables it ends up gracing.” (also see watershed and walkshed)
Here is a run-through of the downstairs.
…and this is a quick walk-through of the upstairs section of the market



Perhaps I will take more time and stop to talk to some folks next time. I still feel a bit uncomfortable in front of and behind the camera but I figured I would upload these little clips for everyone to check out anyway. These are incredibly shaky clips and although I will try to learn from my mistakes. I’m not a camera man I will likely never be a videographer, it’s all for fun.

I completely botched the location at the end of the second clip (I think I said it was on Bushwick) here is the address and hours.

Foodshed is open every Sunday from 11:00-5:00
at The Commons
388 Atlantic Avenue
between Hoyt and Bond

Follow FoodShed Market on Twitter @FoodshedMarket


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