Mi Kitchen es Su Kitchen

I went to an open house at Mi Kitchen es Su Kitchen yesterday and really enjoyed myself. The Kitchen is part of the Entrepreneur’s Space in Long Island City where I meet with my business adviser from time to time. There where about two dozen specialty food purveyors representing and demonstrating their products with wonderful samplings. It was a grand opening for the community kitchen, which offers space for fledgling food companies to use the licensed space to create food products for commercial retail and consumption. The kitchen actually opened in the early winter last year so all of the companies using the kitchen are basically start-ups as well. This was an idea that was being tossed around by my Ourlando friends before I moved up to NYC last April.

Here is a quick video clip

This is a picture of the actual kitchen area where some of the businesses set up.


Some of my favorites:

Daffy prepared foods – no web links but really yummy food (the dips a quiche at least, the rest where not vegetarian). The lady that runs this one, Meg LaBarbara, also works for Mi Kitchen es Su Kitchen and organizes a neat little networking group for foodie startups.

Cibelli Chocolates  – The salted caramel and the banana caramel bites are must haves!

Caveman Cookies – I did not know that some folks eat a caveman diet! Apparently this consists of only the foods that cavemen had access to and would have eaten. And these cookies are made with just those ingredients. With less than 5 ingredients in each flavor these are really simple and delicious (and they fall squarely in the category or “real food” as defined by Micheal Pollan) My favorite was the Alpine flavor made with honey, hazelnut flour, almond flour, and toasted ground carob.

PI GLUTEN FREE – Had a good assortment of savory treats as well as sweets. There are several gluten free food producers that work out of this kitchen because there are gluten free areas and equipment that is not ever cross contaminated with wheat products containing gluten.

Sweet Silk – These where delicious treats that I had never tasted before, not to sweet but just sweet enough these are traditional Indian desserts. I particularly enjoyed the walnut apple spice squares.

Las Delicias Patisserie – OMG all this ladies stuff was so good. Her lavender madelines made me come back for seconds.

Zoj Granola – Two young ladies from Astoria (my new neighborhood) are making some bangin’ granola with the works. Nuts, coconut, heritage grains from Ethiopia, yum!

Those who know me probably remember that I hate chocolate, well, as you can probably tell by this list of favorites, that is changing.


The Entrepreneur’s Space: an Incubator for Food & Business

36-46 37th Street

Long Island City NY 11101-1606

718 392-0025



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