“F” is for Feburary Foodie Film Features


I went to a viewing of this film last week and really enjoyed it. I know, I know. I always talk about that awesome thing I did a couple nights ago or las week and that’s great, but a little bit too late, you already missed out. Well you are in luck this time because this film was actually the first in a series, the Bushwick Food Coops February Film Series to be exact. The Bushwick Food Coop will screen a different documentary every Thursday this month. One of the cool things about these is that each film will be followed up by a local leader on the topic the film documents. BFC is requesting a $5 donation or that you volunteer with them for entry. They are hosted by Brooklyn Fireproof which has some great beer on tap and in bottles. They also provided some organic vino for the folks at the screening to sample. I had a blackbean burger and, although a bit loose, it was delicious My buddy Brandon had a tuna melt and attested to its yumminess as well so check out the local organic food menu if you go as well.

Last week the screening of “Dirt! The Movie” was very chill. there where around 30 folks in attendance and enjoyed the film, it started at 8 even though the flier says 7. I thought it was a very entertaining and fun movie to watch as well as very poignant as it effectively connected you to the characters (in this case the soil) and caused an emotional response from some of the comments, stories and perspectives while at the same time driving home important facts and information. It wasn’t too preach and didn’t focus on one individual or the filmmaker very long at all. The true focus was dirt as the skin of the Earth, the living Gaian membrane and (along with the sun) the impetus of life on this planet. I also enjoyed the discussion afterward which was lead by Claudia Joseph, an educator and permaculturist in Brooklyn. I find that many of these documentary film screenings offer only basic information that most well versed environmentalists already have a pretty firm understanding of but the moderated discussions that take place afterward are the truly enlightening part of the evening for me. Although Dirt! was much more in depth than I had expected or hoped for, the conversation afterward was defiantly a more in depth, site specific look at the issues that where covered in the movie. Check out the trailer:

Next Thursday (2/10), the movie they are screening will be “Gasland“…Yeah, yeah… you say this has nothing to do with food and shouldn’t be included in this post. But where would we or our food be without water? That’s right, H2O, this is the real focus of this film, not gas! The guest speaker will be Wes Gillingham, who is “the director of the Catskill Mountainkeeper and on the front lines of the struggle to stop the gas mining process called fracking to protect New York’s drinking and agricultural water resources.” I will actually be out of town for this screening but I’m sure it will be great. Check out the trailer below if you are unfamiliar with the film:

On the 3rd Thursday this month (02/17) a screening of “What’s Organic About Organic” I may not go to see this one (although I would like to hear what Ben Flanner has to say about the topic) because I’m attending an earlier screening that a friend (Nicole Reed) has organize on Feb. 16th at Greenpoint CoWorking with a panel discussion that will include the films director, Shelley Rogers and ioby.org founder Erin Barnes. Check the trailer for this one below:

The final Thursday this month (2/24 will see “Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers“. Although I’ve never heard of this documentary and the title doesn’t really excite me, I’m looking forward to this one because the guest speaker will be founder of Slow Food USA‘s Patrick Martins.The movie will likely be a good one too as it is an older film (1980) that features Alice Waters (who basically started the local/organic food movement back in the early 1970’s in Berkley, CA) among others and promises to go deep “into the history, consumption, cultivation and culinary/curative powers” of garlic, and you should all know that I am a foodie and garlic lover. Plus, the trailer looks very entertaining indeed…


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