Classes, courses and certifications

I have been busy with several things and just wanted to put some of these things I’m doing, or hope to be doing in the near future, out there just to project positive vibes in the cosmos pertaining to the things I have applied for but have yet to be accepted for and to keep all y’all in the know.

The Queens Economic Development Council’s (QEDC) StartUp! Business Plan Competiton is coming to a climax with all entrants biz plans due at the end of February so I’ve been focusing on that pretty intently over the last couple weeks and I’m fairly happy with my progress so far.

Permaculture Design Course (PDC) This is a 72 hour course that consists of 9 Saturday classes over 11 weeks. Andrew Faust is the primary instructor although there are quite a few guest presenters that have and will continue to come and teach us things about their area of expertise. We will also be going on a couple filed trips to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park for field work. At the end of the class each student will present a permaculture design to the rest of the class. I will likely base my final design on my for-profit business plan which will focus on creating a decentralized urban farm I would also really like to find some sort of competition that is looking for this sort of thing as the main call for entries. If you come across anything like this be sure to let me know!

GPRO Construction Management – This is the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) new education program for the building trades. It is similar to LEED but focuses on the construction trades and contractors. It is a new course that was developed by the NYC Chapter of the USGBC, which is actually a separate non-profit entity known as Urban Green. The GPRO course I’m taking is being offered as a continuing education course from LaGuardia Community College among other places in NYC as well as Colorado, Illinois and Upstate New York. I went to the Urban Green Emerging Professionals meeting earlier this month and they offered the attendees a deep discount off the course fee so I jumped on board.

Master Composter Certificate Program – I have applied for this program and I’m still unsure if I will be selected to participate. It is free and is offered in various NYC boroughs but classes I’ve applied for will be offered at the Queens Botanical Gardens. It consists of 23 hours of classroom instruction, two field trips, 15 hours of supervised community training, and 15 hours of independent projects/community service plus a design project.

Farm School NYC – This is a project of JustFood which offers urban agriculture training through a two-year cer­tificate program and individual courses. I have submitted an application for Spring coursework and hope to find out if I’ve been accepted by the end of February. There is a sliding scale for tuition and I think that the cost is a great value. This is another brand new school with Spring 2011 being the inaugural semester. It’s a decentralized school, which means classes are going to be taking place all over the city, from NYC community gardens, urban farms, NY botanical gardens, regional farms and NYC cooperative extension sites.

I’m also taking a six week course in Spanish starting in March. I got the classes super cheap from the Living Social group coupon website from Language à GoGo. They offer classes all over Manhattan so this is a decentralized (third mention officially makes this a trend) school offering an immersion experience with lessons about food taking place in a cafe and lessons on shapes and colors in a museum, etc.


3 thoughts on “Classes, courses and certifications

  1. Wow, go on with your education! I applied for the Master Composter Certification Program at QBG too! We’ll see

  2. That’s what i would call "gittin’ er dun!!" It all sounds so pertinent to what you are striving to achieve… it also sounds like you are buusssyyy! GO GET ‘EM !!!

  3. Well a bit of news on this front. I did not get accepted to the Master Composter Course and I hear through the grapevine that Farm School NYC is still in the soft opening stages and is only enrolling it’s own instructors at this time to make sure all the kincks are worked out before accepting the general public. So I don’t have very high hopes on being accepted there either but we shall see.

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