Story of Stuff… manditory viewing for all consumers (AKA Americans)

Without going into a political diatribe, we (Americans) have been lumped together as a nation of consumers. It seems to be true, our GDP, which is the best measure of our progress and status as a nation, is measured in spending, not happiness, freedom, liberty or any other lofty ideal. In the end it all comes down to dollars and cents. As such, we are all encouraged to spend, it’s basic capitalism, and it has become the de facto “American Way”.  If you have not watched this 21 minute video about the way we produce, consume and dispose of commodities in our culture, it’s high time you checked it out.

I would also encourage any and all of you to check out the other films by Annie Leonard outlining big, clunky, hard to visualize and understand ideas about Bottled Water, Electronics and several other seemingly mundane yet important topics. Visit her web site and look at all the goodies here:


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