Brooklyn Bridge Park Tour

I took a tour or the Brooklyn Bridge Park last Thursday (August 11, 2011) organized for members of the NYC Metro Hort Group and lead by park co-designer Matthew Urbanski of Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates. The group met at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory at Fulton Ferry around 6pm. Matt was a wonderful tour guide, focusing on topics relevant to the group (plants and horticulture of course!) he went deep into the details of the park design. The tour didnt actually end until around 8:30 and I pleased as punch that it lasted a bit longer than planned, although I would have enjoyed grabbing a cold beverage with the group at the rooftop drinks spot at Pier 6 but had to make my way back to Manhattan. I took some video with my flip and posted to YouTube. I wanted to take a moment and share some of the footage. Unfortunately the main video where Matt introduces himself and the park was somehow lost in transition from my flip to the PC (I think it was too long 😦  I will try to salvage it but don’t really know how. Otherwise, enjoy!


Check out the official website for some more professional and in-depth videos.




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