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Tactical Urbanism – Corporate Sponsorship = Culture Jamming

Adding to the Tactile Urbanism meme, which seeks to improve urban open and shared spaces through incramental, easily implamented change and action that affect larger systems and urban functions, I’d like to introduce Reclaim the Streets. I don’t claim to be a authorative source of info for this group nor do I know of any existing movement members in my city, but I do like the concepts and the ideas they promote.

Reclaim The Streets (RTS) is a collective with a shared ideal of community ownership of public spaces. Participants characterize the collective as a resistance movement opposed to the dominance of corporate forces in globalization, and to the car as the dominant mode of transport.” -Wikipedia

I really like this idea because it combines some very near and dear ideas (communal ownership of public space and rejection of corporate, commodified, industialized “truths” or necessary evils) into one public outpouring of spontanious and festive community. Athough it is easy to confuse the issue and in fact this may be the major downfall of the movement. Just like any other awesome thing that happens (i.e. environmentalism), some will attach their name to it not fully understanding or care about the meaning behind it (i.e.greenwashing), others will simply show up univited and cause trouble and, in the worst case sceneario, actual organizers may take it too far (i.e. ecoterrorists). But what is “too far”?After all, isn’t  negative publicity publicity non-the-less?

but first, let’s back up, I first read about the Reclaim the Streets Movement in a superbly written book by Naomi Klein entitled “No Logo” (BTW she has a new documentary out called “The Take” with a free screening at First Park in NYC on  Sept. 21, 2011). Chapter 13 of No Logo was entitled Reclaim The Streets and it outlined the….   read the chapter agian before going into this


Also Lost Horizons Night Market – http://laughingsquid.com/lost-horizon-night-market-featuring-box-trucks-with-…


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