Gentrification Segregation, and/or (Re)Integration :: as Series of Thoughts

The topic of gentrification has been on my mind a lot lately. From the books I choose, the events I participate in and the ideas I’ve spread. It all seems to come back to this discussion of race, ethnic and classicism, change, corporate vs. local economies and neighborhood vs. citywide and global politics and policies. I know good and well I have not fully grasped the topic but refuse to let that stop me from writing about it. How else am I to sort out the details and fully engage the topic? So in order to suss out the underlying forces and intricacies I think I’ll break this up unto several smaller posts so it doesn’t all become overwhelming. It would be too easy to try to sum everything up and never actual post anything due to me being unhappy with the end result and because it could surely never be a complete representation of what gentrification is.

Just for a general idea though, some topics I hope to address include: ideas that are being generated from a book I’m currently reading, The Suburbanization of New York; the “Disneyfication” of Times Square, the rest of NYC, suburbia, America as a whole and in fact, the world; my base/bias understanding of NYC through the lens of gentrification including the state of Manhattan, The East East River Bank (Long Island City/Williamsburg), The South Bronx and the new Atlantic Yards and Hudson Yards developments; Tactical Urbanism as a means of reclaiming a neighborhood from or staving of the effects of gentrification and potentially the inverse of this idea as it is manifest in the form of the BMW Guggenheim Lab, both specific experiments there as well as the effect of the Lab on the Lower East Side in general. It should be an interesting introspective (at least personally) and I look forward to thinking and writing about these ideas and issues.


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