Gentrification ::

How does the urban dance of development and abandonment affect communities and how do these ideas move communities to comodities? If income and opportunity are the primary drivers of these processes why does it so often seem that race is an implicitly factor in the process?

The term gentrification refers to the increased property values caused by an influx of middle and/or lower-upper middle class residents moving into neighborhoods that currently house lower-middle, blue collar, working poor and/or otherwise disadvantaged residents on the lower end of the income or wellfare spectrum.

Gentrification’s eyntemological root lies in the term “gentry” which historically refered to a social class of well bred folks in good social standing that are connected to family estates with large land holdings. Today this group of folks are known as the upper middle class, white collar or sometimes bougie.

Tactical Urbanism and pre-development

gentrification + segregation = segrification



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