Newtown Creek Boat Tour for Educators

What does one do on their birthday in this great City of New York? Take a boat tour of one of the most polluted and toxic sites on the Eastern seaboard of course! Relive my fond birthday memories with these video clips form local historian Mitch Waxman, stormwater diva Kate Zidar and a literal boatload of movers and shakers on the NYC environmental education front.

Captain John Doswell, of the Working Harbor Committee, was our host for the event and welcomes us here along with a brief introduction and summary of what the tour entails.

Mitch Waxman, photographer, historian and blogger at the Newtown Pentacle gave us a wonderful historic perspective on our way up the creek. He offered more insights towards the end of the tour but unfortunately I ran out of memory in my Flip camcorder.

Here is Kate Zidar, executive director of the Newtown Creek Alliance and big wavemaker at S.W.I.M. giving us the skinny on CSOs and the Newtown Creek Alliances role in bringing together different constituents along the creek as the cleanup process gets underway.

Kathleen Schmid, Newtown Creek Alliance chairperson, spoke to us in depth about what superfund actually means and how it affects the creek.

Caitlyn Nichols, with the Interstate Environmental Commission NYNJCT spoke to us about their efforts to study, document and educate around CSOs and water quaility.

Sarah Durand is Professor of Biology at LaGuardia CC, she told us about the new Nature Walk as well as some of the efforts to improve and introduce biodiversity aalong the creek.

This clip was truncated due to limited space on my Flip video recorder. I also did not have the chance to get Mitch’s second round of historical context as we entered Whale Creek Canal and took a look at the new, state of the art, wastewater treatment plant, which I hope to visit one first Tuesday when they offer tours. I also did’t film Captain John Doswells closing remarks as we rounded the corner form Newtown Creek into the East River and docked back at the Hunters Point South/Long Island City Ferry Terminal.


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