Event Calendar Help Needed

An acquaintance recently told me that, since I attend so many relevant landscape and architecture events that it would be nice to add an event list on my blog. I would absolutely love to add just this type of feature, unfortunately I cannot figure out how to do this without actually updating it ALL the time. I have tried using yahoo pipes and RSS feeds to gather good info from various calendars that are posted on the web. Unfortunately not many organizations that post calendars do so in RSS feed format. On top of that there are often one off events that are great. I actually wouldn’t mind so much adding things like that manually though.

I am hoping that someone out in the blogosphere who knows a lottle about coding or web 2.0 or whatever it is that is needed to accomplish this sort of thing could guide me in the right direction (I pretty good at following tutorials).

Here is an example problem. Let say I’m using Google calendar and making one publicly accessible on this blog. Is there a way to aggregate all the events posted by a Meetup group (like IDNY) and all the events posted on the Buslter event page (extra points if you can filter just the NYC events) and a guaranteed A+ throw in a web crawler that will find events like Urban Design Week and/or the BMW Guggenheim Lab.

Thanks for your ideas!


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