Solstice Greetings

I chose this image because I love fractals in nature. These ice crystals are a metaphore for the Winter Solotice as well as the many ideas I have been incubating which seemed to crystalize today. At a solitary snowflake at first but then as an interconnected network of thoughts, people and passions.

Much like the wonder and mystery behind fractals, today has been magical, and by that I very much mean it has been spiritually, mystically and intentionally full of blessings. I am not very religious but I like to think of myself as a spiritual being. In particular, I strive to be connected with the energy of the Earth and cosmos, God, Gaia, Krishna, Shiva, Allah, Yahweh many names for one idea. I don’t know that this day is any more important than any other but it does happen to be the shortest day in the year and potential impacts the circadian rhythm that we as humans have evolved with as diurnal inhabitants of this planet are potentially profound. As such I acknowledge this day and incant my own ritual. At a recent event a bright young fellow gave an informative talk explaining Chaos Magic, or modern day magical practices. He quoted a leader in the field as saying that magic is any action that is attached to an intention or belief. So today I practiced my own personal chaos magic.

I focused on the love I have in my heart for the beautiful woman I share my life with.

I vocalized and made plans to implement my intention to created a better food and ecological systems in the communities I live and work in through the work that I do.

I visualized myself reestablishing a regular regime of physical activity including yoga, cycling, jogging and most importantly dancing.

I encourage you to also make magic in your own life. I wish you peace, wellness and love.




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