Urban Agriculture Conference #UAC12 @TheHort

The New York Horticultural Society hosted a nice event today entitled “Urban Agriculture Conference” which I attended and did some live-tweeting from my @Gil_Lopez account as well as @NourishinCities Here is a quick summary

At “Future of Urban Farming” at (CC )

Thomas Fox “Whenever there is global crisis, people go back to farming. This has jump started UF over the last decade.”

Fox “many urban farmers just want to go from being consumers to producers. On the ledger book of society on the + column instead of –

started as a European reaction against US globalization. Now WE are reacting against Chinese style globalization.” -T. Fox

How to foster UF: buy local produce & encourage restaurants to do so also. -Advocate for supportive zoning laws. -Tool Libraries

How to foster UF: Advocate for cottage & artisional products + markets that sell them. -support edible schoolyards

thank you Thomas Fox () for your wonderful “What’s New Under the Sun” talk at todays (cc )

Farm & Urban Learnin Garden now at the Edu. program for local school children. The Rice Paddy planted on April 2011

Shoutout to Erik Baard and his urban orchard of culturally significant apple varieties on Randall’s Island

Randall’s Island Farm is quite experimental. Lessons are learned if something doesn’t work. No $ lost but many edu. opportunities

next up, Erika Brenner, Farm educator at Farm worked w/ to create a market & Farm on a former BK parking lot

DeKalb Food 360 is a jobs training program is for our of school youth transitioning into sust. Food jobs

founder & CEO of talking about “The Role of Hydroponics in Urban Agriculture”

Annie Novack is the founding dir. of Growing Chefs, speaking about Eagle St. atop Broadway Stages in Greenpoint, BK

“if we are gonna game change food production in NYC we must be smart about financing & policy around urban agriculture.” A. Novack

Zack Pickens, farm manager supplying Farm2Table food to Developed on a rooftop stalled const. site

earlier at “once specific tools are dev. UF is full tilt” created new tools to increase prod. 4 mobile/rooftop farming

Q&A with the Future of Urban Agriculture panel

For everyone elses live-tweet steam comments and links to many pictures click on one of the #UAC12 links above.

I really enjoyed myself and got to speak to several really interesting chagemakers in the urban ag. movement here in NYC I wish I had more time to reflect here and now but I gotta run off to work… Here are some pics!

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket


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