BioCities Inaugural Event

The BioCities panel last Wednesday evening was well worth the effort. I am really glad I made time in my schedule to attend but really wish I could have attended the entire days proceedings. The reception between day and evening was superb and I got to chat with several friends and colleagues. I did a little live Tweeting during the planel discussion as did a few others so here are the high points (plus a lil’ event hype). Be sure to catch the links to the videos I uploaded after the jump…



BioCities is hosting their first event on urban food systems.


5/2: Biocities – Take an in-depth look at the ecological & economic issues of food systems in cities

Excited for the great lineup at the inaugural event tomorrow

speaking at biocities Transforming Cities: How Food Systems Shape Cities today!


– you coming to BioCities today? Running registration and see a tag with your name on it…


Good day to everyone inaugural event here in NYC!

“Transport infrastructure is biggest barrier to urban food access” -Kubi Ackerman of Columbia’s Urban Design Lab

Ok, now Food and Infrastructure. at

Enjoyed my first hour at (see below) and am channeling , who I think would enjoy every panel.

2 May

panel hopes to develop 129 new comm. gardens on lands and est. a community urban farm

Bed-stuy food walk this Sat! nice follow up to

Exciting! RT : RT : panel hopes 2 develop 129 new comm grdns on lands and est a comm urban farm

Good morning to everyone at the inaugural BioCities event, How…

Post talk drinks with the panel (@ Adrienne’s Pizza Bar)

The Intro and 1st Q:


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