A Farmy Story

In 2011 ten Queens residents from diverse backgrounds, where drawn together by a love of gardening. We found a little parcel of land in a forgotten corner of Long island City and began creating a little place to grow and thive together.  We picked the spot above other possible locals because it had no fence or Keep Out signs, was just out of view of many passersby and wouldn’t draw too much attention too quickly. After a little due dilligance we found out there where no plans of construction on the site. We met on site on a crisp late winter morning, reviewed the soil tests and decided to move forward.

The next few weekends saw many bags of trash taken to the curb, seemingly neverending mugwort stems and roots set aside for composting and piles of stones and rocks removed from the soil. We rented a tiller each weekdn for a month. We had volunteers just stop by after seeing us from the sidewalk and helping out all day. No sooner than we had prepeared the beds, we direct sowed seeds and also recieved plants we had ordered from the annual GreenThumb plant sale. As the months wore on and temperatures rose we needed a better watering system so we installed a drip irrigation


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