#ArchtoberTUtour exploring urban tactics in Greenpoint

Last Saturday I co-hosted a tour with Mike Lydon, Leemor Chandally, Natalia Radywyl, Julie Flynn and Geoff Brock. It was an official AIANY Archtober event and we had a great turn out. I just wanted to post up a few images and clips from the tour to share with everyone. Enjoy!

The tour route:

<br /><small>View Greenpointing in a larger map</small>

Each of the pins above are click-able and have more information embedded but here are some of the high points:

Mike droppin’ knowledge about Ghost Bikes:

Leemor talking about The Perfect Nothing Catalog:

Talia tells us about the Java Street Collaborative Garden:

Yours truly waxing poetic about weed bombing:

Julie enlightening us on guerrilla haiku:

Talia and I on open space:

With a huge thanks to Claudia Ray-Centeno for recording all of us yammering on about the topics we are so passionate about and everyone who came out on the crisp autumn afternoon for the tour.




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