#Archtober Landscape Architecture #PechaKucha @Van_Alen

Change Agents: Landscape Architects on the Innovation Forefront
Landscape Architecture Pecha Kucha Night

Last Thursday, on my birthday, Oct 18th, I had the great pleasure of attending a pecha kucha session at the Van Alen Institute, yeah I know, I’m a dork. It was a bit of a surprise and I had no idea who would be presenting.


Nancy Owens, Nancy Owens Studio, “Green Retrofit of Urban Public Spaces in New York City”


Richard Alomar, “Urban Sketching


Martin Joseph Barry, reSITE, “reSITE: Collaborative Ideas for Livable Cities”


Taewook Cha, Supermass Studio, “Think Differently”



Gareth Mahon, Robin Key Landscape Architecture, “Serviam Gardens: Collaborative Design for Senior Housing”


Catherine Seavitt Nordenson, Catherine Seavitt Studio, “Adaptive Sediments: Dredge & Drift”


Intermission ft. Brooklyn Brewery


Ian Quate + Colleen Tuite, GRNASFCK, “Against Homogeneous Landscape! And Towards a Local Wilderness”


David Seiter, Future Green Studio, “Resilient Landscapes”

I ran into David Seiter as we waited for the elevator. He is the principle & owner of Future Green Studio, one of the places where I work. Turns out he was a presenter for the evening. His presentation on “Resilient Landscapes” was very good in my opinion, even as a snafu with the presentation left him hanging on the same slide for a couple minutes beyond the 20 seconds each slide is supposed to be up, David seized the opportunity to talk about Future Green’s recent move from Gowanus to Red Hook and the collaborative effort between designers, artisans, builders and garden maintenance crew at the Studio.


Amy Stroud, Building Foundations, “Build.Found.Haiti


Meg Studer, Siteations, “Edge Operations_Re-Surveying Walden”


Denisha Williams, NYASLA 2011-12 President “Geometry, Hydrology & Spirit of Leadership”

I know and have a lot of respect for Denisha. I was really encouraged to hear her talk about leadership, as it was great to hear everyone else present their specific ways they are providing leadership within our profession by acting as Change Agents. Denisha’s presentation spoke to me especially as it pertained to the way in which I am working with my fellow worker owners at Nourishing Cities to create a paradigm shift in not only my practice but away from business as usual. We are starting this endeavor with our Full Circle Series in order to start changing the cultural landscape as we transition into changing the physical landscape.

Lydia Xynogala, The Cooper Union, “Dark Ecology”




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