Renewable Energy Quibbling

So many of my friends and family know that I sell renewable energy as a side job, even though most of you on’t know exacty what that means. I enjoy getting to talk to so many New Yorkers on the street, it is entertainment in its most elemental form. Because “renewable energy” is somewhat politicized, you can imagine there are also some emotionally charged interactions as well. I have become accustomed to some folks really, adimantly, even forcefully letting me know they aren’t for this hippy bullshit that Obama is shoving down their throat, that’s fine. I know that is an irrational individual that I cannot bother myself with.

More times than not, if someone stops to talk to me they are genuine, concerned citizens who sees the merits of choosing wind and hydroelectricity sources over coal, oil, nuclear and natural gas derived electricity that ConEdison provides by default. What gets me is when they agree on all my talking pint then pull out some obscure falsehood as a means of squirming out of signing up for a more responsible form of electricity. So I wanted to mention some and do a little debunking. No as a disclaimer, some of these statements don’t make any logical sense at all. Thus they are easily debunked. That doesn’t change the fact that someone, at some time has used this argument as a way justifying not signing up for what they otherwise acknowledge as a good idea. So I am including them here for their entertainment value.

Renewable energy is a good idea but… Windmills kill birds…

Windmills cause noise pollution.

Windmills destroy wildlife habitat.

Windmills cause vibrations that fracture the Earths crust and are worse than hydro-fracking.

I disagree with the government subsidizing wind and solar energy.


So I am going to continue to burn coal derived from mountaintop removal operations which destroyed communities and wildlife habitat while polluting our air in the process; burn oil derived from derricks which destroy habitat, offshore drilling which has had catastrophic effects and tar sand extraction while adding carbon to the atmosphere when it burned for electricity production; rely on nuclear which has a byproduct that nobody knows what to do with other than enrich for weaponry, and burn natural gas derived from hydraulic fracturing which has profound and irreversible negative effects on groundwater, while creating greenhouse gasses in combustion.



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