#FarmHackNYC 2012

Over the weekend there was a convergence of sorts for the urban agriculture community here in NYC. It was brought about in two places at two events. I unfortunately missed the Permaculture convergence at Old Stone House in Park Slope Brooklyn, but was luck enough to participate in the magic that was Farm Hack NYC. There where so many beautiful, passionate and intelligent folks in attendance, my mind was absolutely blown. I want to share what went down for all those in attendance to look back on and for anyone who could not make it to NYC for the event to peer into. I don’t feel I could do the two day event justice by trying to summarize any further than that so, I present the video captured from the weekend. Enjoy

Here are some links to the organizations that hosted and presented:












I should note that missing from these videos are presentations from the Brooklyn Grange (who hosted a dinner on Saturday evening, 596 Acres (which I ended up presenting for) and one other that I cannot for the life of me recall, Somebody please let me know the name of the farmin Harlem with the rodent problems!


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