TreeCycling in Western Queens

1st trup full of mulch

Over the weekend I had the great fortune of having access to a spiffy 2013 Chevrolet Silverado on loan to me by GM. This came about as a perk for volunteering with Green Drinks NYC, you may remember that GM sponsored our October 2012 event, especially if you took the Chevy Volt for a test drive that evening. When I heard about an offer to let a volunteer use a vehicle I jumped on it knowing that MulchFest was going to be on 1/12 & 1/13 this year. I want to give a huge thank you to the folks that arranged this for me, I really enjoyed having the truck.

The shiny new truck was dropped off at my place last week and I had it all weekend. Although I was working compost collections at the Queens Library on Saturday, I drove around and collected several Christmas trees from the curbside and dropped them off at Smiling Hogshead Ranch, our community farm in Long Island City, Queens. I made a trip to Build It Green (BIG! NYC) in Astoria as well as the Home Depot to pick up a few items I have needed to grab for a while and finally got them down to The Ranch. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of these trips.

@SmilingHogshead Ranch  curbside pickup  back at The Ranch

Sunday was when the real action took place. I took five trees off the curb and into the bed of the Silverado on my way to the Astoria Park MulchFest. After we fed those to the chipper the crew helped me load up some mulch to take back to Smiling Hogshead Ranch. 

1st trip dropoff  1st trip load up  1st trup full of mulch

I headed back to The Ranch and unload the woodchips, noting what streets I could find more trees to pick up later. It was a mild, overcast day in the mid 40’s. I was glad to get the blood pumping as I unloaded the mulch.

dropping off view of dormant garden

On my way back to Astoria Park I stopped by the Land Restoration Project compound located under the Queensbridge where they where also collecting trees but the crew had been called away to man busier locations elsewhere. I dropped off the trees I had gathered to be chipped later and continued along the route I had charted to nab more trees before getting back to the TreeCycle event in North Astoria where we repeated the unload, chip, reload steps from earlier.

dropping trees of at LRP under the QueensBridge,  Land   Restoration Project  more curbside pickups  2nd drop off at Astoria Park

I got back to the Hogshead and unloaded the second truck full of mulch and ended up with a little over two yards. I will hold our weekly volunteer day this Wednesday (01/16) and next Wednesday (01/23) to spread the TreeCycle mulch around the garden along with some other farm duties, I hope to see you there.

Second unload at Hogshead  Smiling Hogshead Ranch logo


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