Spring Forward Workday @SmilingHogshead Ranch

What a beautiful day to spend outdoors! And that we did, a good group of about twenty-five permies and greenies from the Green Phoenix Permaculture and Green New Yorkers Meetup groups as well as several Smiling Hogshead Ranch members came out and enjoyed the day together and got a lot of work done.

2013-03-10 Spring Forward 07 photo 2013-03-10_SmilingHogsheadRanch_SpringForwardWorkday19_zps0ee3dddc.jpg  2013-03-10 Spring Forward 05 photo 2013-03-10_SmilingHogsheadRanch_SpringForwardWorkday11_zpscc9912a2.jpg  2013-03-10 Spring Forward 03 photo 2013-03-10_SmilingHogsheadRanch_SpringForwardWorkday6_zps4e073a87.jpg

It was such a great time getting to know so many beautiful individuals by working side by side with everyone (or at least the several I worked with directly). I am very thankful for all the enthusiasm, hard work, flexibility and knowledge that everyone brought to the Ranch on this day! I will take this as a harbinger of things to come as spring begins to thaw us from our winter doldrums.

2013-03-10 Spring Forward 04 photo 2013-03-10_SmilingHogsheadRanch_SpringForwardWorkday9_zps9fd41e59.jpg  2013-03-10 Spring Forward 02 photo 2013-03-10_SmilingHogsheadRanch_SpringForwardWorkday4_zps2a1d1c0a.jpg

Projects included covering rows with burlap and mulch, building a horseshoe pit (for a game of horseshoes), turning compost and expanding the bin system, picking up litter, inoculating some woodshaivngs with oyster mushroom spawn and moving some heavy containers around the garden. 

I didnt take as many pictures as I usually do because I had my hads full and a photographer showed up from one of the jouralism schools in the city. Oddly enough she had picked up our event from the AP wire and her teacher assigned her to the event. I’m hoping for some good pictures from her and will update this post if/when I get those. I encourage anyone else who took pictures to send them to me directly, post them to the FB event page or Meetup pages. More pics here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151488983527748.1073741825.780107…

Here are some short videos:


Cleaning out the area on the tracks between the two horseshoe pits – they are 40′ apart per regulation standards.


Strategically placed rocks can act as a heat sink to protect delecate seedling in early Spring.


I’m just giving a brief hello and intro to Smiling Hagshead Ranch.


OOooohhh Man, I love seeing the compost all hot and steamy like this! Kinda gelly of this groups project 😉 Some new friends from the Long Island City Community Garden gave us a hand on this one.


Covering the soil is important in keeping weeds from geminating as the ground thaws this Spring.


Last minute mycelium action.

After the work was over several of us moseyed on over to LIC proper for some food, drinks and great conversation.


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