Earth Week in Review

It’s been a long, beautiful and tiring week. I figured I would document it just for posterity as this may be my last post on Posterous since I just recieved word that the site will no lnger function. So I have to move everything to WordPress or some othre site by the end of the month (today!).

Lets start with the Friday evening before Earth Week began. I recieved a shipment of plug spawn and stayed up late divying it up with a friend I ordered it with. Saturday, as usual, I staffed the Queens Library compost collections at Sunnyside and Broadway.

Sunday I hooked a couple folks up with renewable energy (wind & hydro) right through thier ConEd utility bill.

Monday: <Earth Day> held some maintenance work of a living wall in Lower Manhattan, chores at Smiling Hogshead Ranch trying to irradicate the poison ivy, then to the Steinway Library where I hosted a screening of The Greenhorns then gave a Windowfarm workshop.

Tuesday: I did my composting chores at Smiling Hogshead Ranch, where I was joined by the Technical High School of Queens AirCasting class for a tour of the community farm. Afterwards I made seed balls and fed the worms with the kids at the Sunnyside and Woodside Libraries. In the evening I tought my Intro to Greenroof Class at CUNY City Tech

Wednesday: I spent the entire day shoveling lightwieght growing medium and hoisting it to a roof on 14th St in The Meatpacking District. That evening I designed a new garden to be installed in the backyard of the Woodside Library and created a material list for a few workshops that I can teach as the community build the garden together, including (strawbale raised beds, greenroof, living wall and DIY potting soil).

Thursday: I took my Greenroof class on site visits to a lving wall and greenroof at Lincoln Center, a large greenroof ad Fordham Law School and the greenroof demonstration site atop the 5 Boro Parks Building on Randalls Island. In the afternoon I fed the worms and made seed bombs with the kids at Astoria and Steinway Libraries. Then in the evening I attending a great presentation on Landscape Architecture as ecological art at the Central Park Arsenal and enjoyed a roof garden reception and talked compost and horticulture.

Friday: Arbor Day, I worked with Future Green Studio installing the first, and largest, wave of plants on the marquee of a high profile building on 14th Street and 9th Ave called 345 Meatpacking. Amilanchiar, juiper and holly where among the plants installed. I also took a ht minute to enjoy lunch at the nearby club, aptly titled Marquee fo the ABSOLUTE Lunch Hour Earth Day Edition ft. ?uestlove. After work I met up with the Urban SpaceShip crew and planned out Neighborday, which happened on Saturday. 

Saturday: As usual, I worked the compost collection at Queens Library. First at Sunnyside and then the Broadway branch. When I arrived at Broadway the Neighbordya festivities where well underway with furniture made of cardoarb boxes and tap as well as plenty of sidewalk chalk and some signage. Lots of folks stopped by and participated including some mucisians. I headed to Hogshead afterwards and saw an orphaned palm tree on the sidewalk on the way. Geoff was at the farm and we both took the trike and grabbed the palm to plant at Smiling Hogshead Ranch.  My buddy Erik came by with more bueberry bushes and we potted them up for distrobution to local community groups to be panted in public spaces at a later date. I was hoping to go to an artsy dance party but ended up at home eating dinner and going to sleep early.

Sunday: I took my greenroofs class on a second site visit tour. We met at Dutch Kills Green in LIC and headed to Packard Square North, a luxury apartment building with a 2,500 SF greenroof and photovoltaic solar array. From there we headed to Hellgate Farm in Astoria which also sports a (mush smaller) green roof that grows produce and houses bees as well as some nested container, sub-irrigated tomato pots. The hens in the backyard and the metal work construction project added to the alure of this site on the tour. A few students tagged along with me afterwards for a tour of Smiling Hogshead Ranch. Afterwards I headed out to a clients home on Jamaica Bay in Broad Channel, Queens to plant some Viginia Rose, Bayberry, Beach Plumb, beach grasses and sedum that had arrived a couple days earlier. I stopped by Trader Joe’s on the way home to replinish my pantry and washed a long overdue load of clothes when I finally got home.

I love Earth Day, Earth Week, Earth Month, Arbor Day and Landscape Architecture Month! But with weeks like that, it is a wonder I am still functioning. At any rate, THIS week is showing little signs of slowing and spring is just starting really. I truly look forward to this weekend, as I will be spending it on a quite beach in Florida. It is high time for some rest and relaxation!


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