Buggin’ Out @QueensLibrary

This evening, Sat. 11/23, I presented a workshop on entomophagy entitled “Discover Edible Insects” at the Queens Library at Steinway. Since I am in no way an expert on the topic, I used this slide show I found on the internet:

I was inspired to offer this presentation after hearing of and scanning a report purely out by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations entitled “Edible Insects: Future Prospects for Food and Feed Security
There was a good turnout for the presentation and I had some prepared bugs that the library ordered from an Internet based company called Thailand Unique (http://www.thailandunique.com/edible-insects-bugs)
At the end of the presentation we tried several types of insects and the overall response was good. I personally enjoyed the crickets the most as they had a more robust flavor than some of the others. While I won’t fill this blog post with facts and info that are included in the FAO report and the slides show presentation links, the title of the report says a lot alone. I would like to share an uplifting observation. I think that, with a little education, some good ole peer pressure and an adventurous spirit, Americans can overcome the taboo and social stigmas against entomophagy and probably get on board with this interesting, and needed, foodie evolution.
So enjoy these links and let me know if you are inspired to add some insects to your palette by making a comment below.




The Lepsis is a Terrarium for Growing Edible Bugs at Home!


Bon Appetit



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