#20isPlenty in Queens

Today was day two of a citywide action to gift NYC ten slow zones in neighborhoods which the DOT had rejected or shelved the local applicants request for slower traffic signage. The cities reasoning for not approving are said to be varied but so is the point of the action.
The streets are one of the last common areas left in cities. Pedestrians should feel safe walking on them. Enforcement of traffic laws is absolutely necessary but some laws, like 30 MPH speed limit on most NYC streets, actually promote a dangerous street life as crash statistical studies have proven.
Right of Way has proven that it only takes a handful of workers (volunteers in this case), a minimal amount of money and a very short amount of time (one weekend!) to create these slow zones.
Street justice activists in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan hung over 100 signs in 10 different neighborhoods over the weekend. I participated in three actions in Queens and had a whole lotta fun in the process. If you have an issue or policy you are passionate about, I encourage you to bring your voice to the public. The streets, squares, gardens and hives are where we will meet!
Some pics….
From Astoria:

From Jackson Heights:

From Jamaica:



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