#LoveYourBlock Reportback from @SmilingHogshead Ranch

It was a huge three-day weekend on Good Friday thru Easter Sunday. Smiling Hogshead Ranch received lots of love with over fifty volunteers! We focused on expanding the space we occupy on the former railroad site and removed over one hundred huge contractor trash bags full of trash that had been dumped there over the decades of neglect. We cleared the vegetation and overgrowth, put down a layer of cardboard to suppress future growth and a layer of mulch to create a soft, finished look and feel underfoot.
We had a grant from Citizens Committee NYC which we used to purchase tools, some solar powered motion activated security lights (which will be installed soon), we purchased some yummy food and drinks for all our volunteers and got some building materials from Build It Green NYC! As part of the grant we where encouraged to request city services. So we had a delivery (three loads) of mulch from the Parks Department and the Dept. Of Sanitation came early Monday morning to remove the mountain of trash bags we had piled up on Skillman Ave. We requested, and the Parks Dept. will be installing, six street trees (Golden Raintrees) across Skillman Ave. from the Ranch.
We will be activating the new space next weekend with an herbal tea making workshop ($4 suggested donation) at 3:30-4:30pm on 5/4 and a
Mood Cookies and Tea party right after starting at 5pm. We are also talking to a local yoga instructor to put together a series of outdoor Yoga for Gardeners this season.
We hope to continue the work in our new space and build out a stage/amphitheater for our members and others in the community to use.
We also got some great press coverage from NY1 and would like to thank Agnes Chung for coming and spending Easter morning with us.
Here is the clip: http://www.ny1.com/content/pages/207302/lic-ranch-growing-by-leaps-and-edible-bounds
We at Smiling Hogshead Ranch want to thank all the folks that came out to lend a hand and invite everyone reading this out to participate in future workdays, workshops and happenings or just to enjoy some time amongst the trees and plants. Leave us a picture or comment on our Facebook page or Tweet @SmilingHogshead






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