Living #BelowtheLine day2

Hunger affects 1.2 billion people globally. I will subsist on $1.50 a day or less. On Monday I ate oatmeal ($0.45), a cup of tea ($0.05) dumpstered bagels ($0.00), dry pasta ($0.40), a stick of licorice root to chew on ($0.50) + lots of NYC tap water (considered free in this challenge). So I totaled $1.40 according to my best estimate. It isn’t easy and I am definitely hungry right now. I expect to be a little weak by the end of Friday but I hope to maintain my lifestyle of biking everywhere (as opposed to riding the train/bus). Today that will bring me into Manhattan, back to Queens, and then down to Brooklyn. A lot of energetic output for relatively few calories going in. I will have to dumpster dive for some more nutrient dense food than bread today and the rest of the week for that matter.
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One thought on “Living #BelowtheLine day2

  1. A very interesting thing to do and fair play to you for finishing and learning from it. It is possibly harder for people to survive on such a low budget in the city rather than the country where you can always, well mostly during the summer, spring and autumn forage for free plant foods which will at least top up your vitamins and minerals. I enjoyed reading through your experience, thank you.

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