May 1 is International Guerrilla Garden Sunflower Planting Day

It’s time to sew seeds for a beautiful summer! Join a movement of guerrilla gardeners who care for and steward the streets, sidewalks, alleys, plazas and parks in which they pass through and enjoy every day. Go get yourself a few packages of sunflower seeds today (or pull out the seeds you saved from last year!). When you step out the door this Thursday, May 1st fill your pockets with them, bring a spoon or a small hand trowel and a jug or bottle of water. Everywhere you go from work, your friends house, the grocer, the dry cleaners, school or wherever your day brings you, notice the little brown patches of soil. Take a moment to kneel down, feel the soil, take a small scoop and bury a couple seeds. A tree pit here, a neglected median there, your neighbors stoop, by your mailbox. Move through your day with intention, leaving yourself time between destinations to create this intention and participate in this global form of direct action. Be sure to give your newly planted seeds a drink of water before you hurry back into your routine.
These sunflowers will grow provide countless smiles from passers-by. They will feed bees and other pollinators as well as migratory birds. The roots will soak up water and support living soil, thousands of microorganisms and mycorrhizal colonies underfoot building soil for future plants to thrive in.
The simple act of planting a few seeds on this day will encourage civic pride, natural systems and friendly smiles. So join us, feel free to comment here with your stories, share this post and this action with friends and know that you are the urban cultivator and social pollinator that you community needs!


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