2014 @SmilingHogshead Revue

So I meant to post this back in December. Here we are, first day of February, it feels silly talking about last year at this point but this is some good stuff!

I started to list all the workdays, cultural events, meetings, milestones, skillshares and mentions in the media Smiling Hogshead Ranch and ended up creating this timeline instead. It is a fun, interactive web tool that has links and images in the major events so it can actually act as a web based archive. Click through and have a look:


Here are some of the highlights for me…

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary in Winter 2014, we also incorporated as a nonprofit in the state of New York. We held a few members meeting, and hosted a couple happy hours. We presented our project at our Community Board 2 in Queens, at Pratt Institute and the New School. We also went on weekly compost runs, which continued each week for the entire year.

Last Spring we found a fiscal sponsor in Palm’s for Life and saw a major uptick in events at the Ranch events starting with tree care and Love Your Block workdays through to biodynamic and mycoremediation skillshares. We ended a Queens TA bike tour at the Ranch, had several outdoor yoga classes and hosted different groups from LIC Girls Scouts and LaGuardia students to international participants visiting as part of the HORT’s Urban Ag conference. Hogshead got props in the media from DNA Info. We also presented to the Brooklyn SWAB and NYC Community Composting Council and participated in FIGMENT NYC. Our garden infrastructure was also improved with the delivery of our tool storage pod.

In the Summer of 2014, after 3-1/2 years of working the land, we signed the Garden License Agreement with the MTA/LIRR. The Summer Solstice brought a bit of a lull. But we still got stuff done including instituting monthly compost work days and board meetings. We hosted a diversity from groups from corporate workdays to the Two Row Wampum camps closing ceremonies and a few other community based workdays and gatherings.

Labor Day weekend was the kickoff to the most active season Hogshead has ever experienced. Fall 2014 was absolutely amazing and intensely busy at The Ranch. The 5boro bike ride ending at the Ranch’s ribbon cutting ceremony was epic! But we didn’t stop there the next few months where packed. MOS Collective held their Fall Mud Ball in conjunction with Flux Factory’s Utopia School, and we became a GreenThumb Garden in October. September we hosted the Paving Through the Pavement national permacultire tour. We also hosted multiple school groups and hosted our first bioremediation job training prgram with Fortune Society. Fall was rounded out as we built our hugelkulture biodynamic windrow memorial.

We sent out our first newsletter on the Winter Solstice and enjoyed the holidays with friends and family. We are now having stirrings of reinvigoration and we are planning a Happy Hour on February 19th as well as an awesome three days of programming from March 26-28 for the Hogshead Hoedown (to be helped at the Flux Factory. Please keep an eye out for details about these events on our Facebook or Tumblr pages.


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