“He will not divide us”?!

For all my friends who post this on their FB wall, carry signs & wear clothing stating that “He will not divide us.” I have a couple questions… do you not remember November 8, 2016, and the lead up to the vote? Do you understand what you are implying with your slogan?

I ask because I feel like you are not recognizing the fact that a whole lot of people voted for Trump. So either you forgot that he is supported by a lot of Americans, or your “us” doesn’t include all of them.  Is your “us” the demographic who voted for Hillary? If so, I’d like to point out that the Democrats had a major split, and you are correct “he” did not create that divide. But your slogan is in the future tense. 

There was also the feminist divide, with white feminists pouring over Hillary and both radical and black feminists calling them, and her, out. “He” also did not create that divide. Although many white women, feminists or not, voted for Trump in the end. 

So I guess my simpls analysis actually confirms that he did not divide us because we were already divided. 

Oddly enough, he might actually bring back together some of us, sadly this coming together is mostly out of fear of him and his policies.  While I wish for a coming together out of unprovoked compassion, I guess a win is a win. I just worry about the strength and duration of the ties that currently bind us in struggle. No doubt we are stronger bundled together, (oddly enough, this is the idea behind fascism, look up fasci) but if the bonds that hold us together are based on fear, then they dissipate once or common fears are vanquished.  So we risk the folly of losing the power we find in unity after the fear and need to organize against is defeated. This is why I organize for love and always try to find the proactive solution and positive voice. It has been hard for me to find that posistivity lately. And like my mamma taught me, if I don’t have anything nice to say, I (try to) keep my mouth shut. 

There is a second conversation I’d like to start here. It may be a little hard to take for a lot of people, but here it is… Is the denial of division also a future refusal to accept a division of our United States of America? Is there something inherent about the 50 United States that you/we will fight for in order to preserve? It may be a bit alarmist but I’ve heard people pondering aloud what it means for the federal government to stop funding some states and the potential repercussions. I will make a jump and hypothesize that Trump is hoping to create an authoritarian US, but I’m not sure I would be okay if some states or regions decided to leave the rest behind to suffer through that. I do however think that this would give cause for some serious reworking of our founding documents. Im taking que’s from abolitionists here. In the 1800’s where some abolitionists were convinced that the American Constitution was so flawed that it could not be amended into working order and must be tossed out and completely redone. 

The Abitionist where quite a radical group. John Brown, in particular. Frustrated with pacifist attempts to end the institution of slavery in the US, he lead volunteers in insurectionary skirmishes that some believe led southern slave owners to worry about a massive uprising of slaves, that it brought about the ideas for civil war. 

Is this not similar to what is happening today? The main differences being that it was not a white man leading the cause for Black lives, it is an entire movement. Events where the effected and oppressed are speaking up for and defending themselves. From Ferguson to the Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance, people are rising up against the various amendments to our lives that place profit over us. To understand that last comment, watch “13th” on Netflix and look into the exact legal loopholes the Army Corp of Engineeres are allowing Energy Transfer Partners to (re)steal Native American lands for extraction of resources and further endangering their livelihoods in order to simply turn a profit (there is NO plan for domestic energy dependence or significant job creation, it really is just about profit for the DAPL investors). 

In my mind, Trump voters could be equivocated to “the South will rise again” proponents. That is a phrase that I’ve heard and lived with all my life. I’m actually glad to see that the confederate resurgance has been duped by what I will categorize as a con man from Queens, NY. Either that, or they realized that they have no hope and that the best bet is not to die fighting for bigotry, but to get rich trying to exploit anything and everything they can while the getting is good under a “pro business” Trump.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, he did not divide us. We have lived in a divided house for quite some time. With that, I leave you with questions I am still pondering. What is it that actually divides us? Can we heal those wounds outside of immediate times of threat and fear? If so what is that path forward? If not, will you stand in the way of a United States of America coming apart at it’s seams? And finally, is the idea of sanctuary city/states succeeding a success story for progressive America, or a win for the Confederacy that lost the Civil War in 1865? When you say “he will not divide us” who is the “us” you speak of?


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